Chain compensations

Collection of your receivables for money only by participating in a chain compensation!
By closing the chain of liabilities against multiple participants, we ensure the payment of your due receivables in money.

If you have receivables you wish to collect, the collection through chain compensation is the simplest way to repay the due receivables with money.

The process
We require information about the trade receivables you want to collect. After checking the possibility of settling the receivables, our company prepares an offer, we sign a contract and conclude the compensation in the shortest time possible. Then we transfer the money to your transaction account.

At the Prva finančna agencija, we have a wide portfolio of clients and data, which significantly increases our performance in finding the possibility for chain settlement of your receivables and liabilities.

Contact us in order to find the best solution for your company.

Factoring is a flexible and fast service compared to standard methods of financing through bank loans, which can be adjusted to the needs of the client.

Nada Škoberne
Nada Škoberne, Ba of Economics

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