Do you have problems with non-payment or late payment of your customers, which causes you problems in settling your obligations?

Join the eCompensation.com system. The system already has more than 9,000 users - Slovenian companies.

Advantages of eCompensation.com services: eCompensation.com system:

  • Compensation process can involve sole proprietors and all legal entities, ie all economic operators
  • The amount of each reported obligation is not limited
  • It enables the settlement of mutual liabilities without liquid assets
  • It enables timely settlement of receivables and liabilities
  • It enables the maintenance of current flows of goods between all economic entities (large and small, good and bad)
  • Acquisition of membership is free, and the commission is lower than the possible recovery of receivables through the courts.

Join eCompensation.com system and collect your receivables.

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Factoring is a flexible and fast service compared to standard methods of financing through bank loans, which can be adjusted to the needs of the client.

Nada Škoberne
Nada Škoberne, Ba of Economics

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