Is your business growing fast, while the banks do not offer enough support? Do you have liquidity problems, difficulties in planning cash flows, a lot of open invoices, or are there any insolvency proceedings against your debtors?

Then factoring is the best solution for you!

What is factoring?

Factoring compared to purchase ofreceivables, is a wider and long-term form of financing. Factoring is financing of all receivables (existing and future) against an individual or several customers, over a longer period of time.
Factoring provides an immediate source of financing and insurance against defaults of your customers (insurance of receivables are extremely important.).

The source of funding should be your receivables and not loans from banks.
Factoring allows better predictability of cash flow and thus faster circulation of funds, consequently opening the door for the growth of your business.


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Factoring is a flexible and fast service compared to standard methods of financing through bank loans, which can be adjusted to the needs of the client.

Nada Škoberne
Nada Škoberne, Ba of Economics

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